"Dude, I just got done rubbing one out to a pic of your mom." thus like shwo
by maddmike September 10, 2006
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masturbate. literally, rub until you orgasm.

also known as "rub it out"
Damn, that made me really horny. I'm gonna have to go rub one out.
by Noelle March 15, 2003
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A sneaky way of saying masurbation.
Hey man, we're gonna head down to the gym and shoot some hoops. Wanna come?

Nah, I'm kinda tired, I'm gonna go rub one out and take a nap.
by Unfairman January 10, 2004
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masturbate. The "one" is an orgasm, i.e. rubbing one's genitals to the point of climax. May also refer to a handjob or fingerbang, or more generally, any manual manipulation of genitals.
I got so excited watching her video that I had to rub one out.
by Scarey December 7, 2009
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Rub one out meaning literally what it means, a women/girl rubbing their clit/fingering vagina until orgasm. A girl flicking the bean meaning rubbing her clit until she explodes her load.
She was looking at a man’s naked magazine she got so horny she had to rub one out
by Gordon is here hahahahha September 11, 2022
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The act of male masterbation and orgasm prior to going on a date where it is apparent he will score. The male performs this act up to an hour prior to the date in order to facilitate a longer lasting erection (thus satisfying her every need later on)
Bill knew Sally wanted to bone that night, so he rubbed one out in the bathroom before he left to pick her up for dinner
by Douglas PerfectHour February 22, 2005
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