to make easier
facilitate growth
by MlgDoge 160000 February 15, 2017
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to make easier for others.

basketball: the assist leader in the league facilitates the game for his teammates
by nick nocie May 15, 2006
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An asshole's way of saying, "to make easier for others".
James like to facilitate Chuck.
by Badass Roadie October 6, 2015
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A horribly incorrect useage of grammar, based on the word facilitate. This word ignorantly runs rampant within Boeing and possibly other corporate entities. Its means, to go make sure that all facilities are in place for an upcoming project.
"John, is stall 1F2 all facilitized? We need that shiz done, hurry the F up!"

"Jesus! Fritz, is it really best practice to facilitize before you even look at the impact of the scenario? Your killing me Fritz."
by ninja787 September 23, 2009
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The Facilitator born Jermaine Johnson also known as Brick Johnson is a street-ball legend who was born in Compton, Cali. Brick moved to Vancouver, Canada as a youngster and terrorized the basketball scene. Brick went to Suncrest Elementary, hustling kids in games of 1 on 1, but his nickname the Facilitator was born outside Burnaby South Secondary in a game of 1 on 1 with his friend, where he repeatedly said "Your lucky I don't have a teammate I'm the motherf*cking facilitator, after he played that game which was a devastating 21-9 loss he went inside the school and partnered up with Jamaal "The Sandman" Johnson, They won a three game series where the Facilitator hit 6-9 from the arc, but it all went down after school when the Facilitator started shutting things down he's shut down "schools and stores and toasters and clothes driers and restaurants and busses and all that kinda shit". All in a days work for "The Facilitator"!
a dirty dime goes by, Yo i learnt that from the facilitator
by TheFacilitator February 23, 2012
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Someone pretending to be a teacher when really they don't know anything about teaching.
"Man, our substitute teacher is such a facilitator."
by SomeWeirdRandomGuy October 13, 2016
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