:Man, you were royaled last night.
:Yeah, I don't remember a thing.
by ashleyk May 25, 2005
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First time I heard was an employee that was caught on video stealing from the "lost and found" he said "I am totally Royaled" and he was and quit the same day, rather than being sent through the corporate corrective action.
by Rul of the world August 10, 2009
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A loyal trustworthy person. Very giggly and humorous. Tends to have strong mental and physical ability when it comes to fighting. Real beautiful, and faithful in relationships. The best kisser and great in bed. Very independent yet random. Completely honest and has an i don't care attitude.
by biggiebaddie November 21, 2013
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To be referring to a group of others as a whole such as a government, military group, etc. Similar to "the royal we".
Person A: "They put another set of traffic lights here."
Person B: "Are you referring to the government with the royal they?"
Person A: "Yup."
by DrMolotov January 10, 2009
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Royality is the ship of Roman and Patton from the series Sanders sides.
It is made of Royal as Roman is a prince and Morality as that is Patton's major role.
Usually used in a romantic sense.
Friend 1: I've been reading Royality fanfics on Wattpad.
Friend 2: Nice, check out Ao3 tho, there are some really good ones.
Friend 1: I will. Do you think I could write one?
Friend 2: Definitely.
by Internet Dweller August 16, 2020
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The most beautiful girl in the entire world, inside and out. Royale is funny, smart, and has an all around good personality. Guys want to date her, and women want to be her. She can make you feel like a better person just by being in her presence.
I wish I was more of a Royale.
by bribrionoma February 12, 2010
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