Rosedale, Maryland does not exist. It is a conspiracy by people who live in the Essex and Dundalk area who are embarrassed to tell people where they live. The most interesting place in Rosedale is either the public library or the recycling center. There is nothing else of importance in Rosedale. If Rosedale simply disappeared one day like in some kind of shitty Wes Craven movie, no one would notice. People might say:

"Hon, wasn't there some sort of shitty town inbetween Overly and Dundalk?"

"Naw... if there was a town here, I'm sure that there would be *something* I'd remember about it."

But there's not. There's nothing memerable about Rosedale.
I don't live in Essex; I live in Rosedale. It's totally different.

Even though I live in Rosedale, I swear I don't have hepatitis.
by Rosedale Refugee August 15, 2006
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Rosedale, MD, northeastern suburb of Baltimore.
Full of wannabee-hard wiggers and pizza shops.

Known for ugly fat white women on welfare living in nice houses because when the Sheriff tries to evict them they are too fat to move without causing an earthquake so they leave them there to spare Baltimore City. Practically the same as Perry Hall.

There are some cool people there, but that is a very rare thing. Any cool people there are usually ugly jewish women or drug dealers from other areas selling to 10 year old white kids bored with their lives in nowhere-ville.

Rosedale's only true use is it's Tech School. In fact, were it not for that, the county could literally destroy rosedale and build a giant statue of a pig over it and nobody would care. I mean SERIOUSLY, NOBODY would care.

Also NOTE: Many people living there will say they are from Dundalk or Essex or Baltimore City because they are too embarrassed to tell the truth or are afraid of getting shot for it.
The only things Rosedale has are fat wiggers and pizza. I rest my case.
by Proud Baltimorean January 19, 2008
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A suburb of BalCo, (baltimore county), maryland that is pretty much worthless other than the fact it houses Rosedale Alternative High School, a place where wiggers with criminal records who have been expelled from their neighborhood schools go to attend school.
A: you heard about that wigger "D-eezy" getting expelled for possession? wonder where he is now?

B: he's probably in Rosedale thuggin it up with the other wiggers and white trash.

by BalCo September 3, 2006
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An arts high school in Toront by Castle Frank station. The school is renowned for it's welcoming atmosphere.

Rosedale Heights' includes friendly students usually with eccentric ideals and clothing styles, as well as some 'trendy' pretentious students who are very fake in their encounters with other Rosedalians.

If you see a kid on the subway wearing a knit mult-coloured cap and purple tight pants, he/she most likely goes to Rosedale Heights.

Rosedale is also a place of immense marijuana culture. People are not very discreet in smoking near the property.
"Will you be making an appearance in the Gay Pride Parade tonight?"
"oh no i'm not gay. I'm wearing these tight leather pants and this pink t-shirt because i'm a Rosedale Heights trend-setter."
"Oh okay Bob."

"I smell weed"
"Rosedale Heights is across the bridge."
by whoisjennifer March 17, 2009
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A high school near Castle Frank where people dress weird.
"Why are those guys wearing pink tights and fur caps?"
"They go to Rosedale Heights"
by dannyfole July 31, 2009
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A arts school in Toronto, where everyone either believes they are the epitome of art by taking pointless photographs or wearing the most eccentric out of style clothing and making it look like they knew what it was when they saw it in value village. The majority of the students Partake in smoking marijuana or doing some sort of drug on the lines of pills and hallucinogens. The in crowd consists of Hipsters, wanna be G's, and easy girls or loud mouth hypocrites whom all believe they are the only one who have long in depth dreams and thoughts about life when everyone in the school has the same view point. Its a quite open atmosphere thanks to the fact almost everyone has made a ridiculous decision and cant judge.
Guy1 : Hey man last week i went to this awesome party and did some shrooms
Guy2 : Really dude who'd you get them from?
Guy1 : Some Rosedale Heights dude he was pretty chill kept on telling me about how life could just be this big dream.
Guy2 : Typical.
by knowingyou November 13, 2010
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