Eviction is when you get kicked out of a property. This tends to happen when you watch Logan Paul or Jake Paul (also known as fuck boys).
“The forced eviction happens to this idiot who watched Logan Paul
by True words by Oliver October 28, 2019
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(n.) -- The exclamation one makes when a cockroach is successfully zapped by an electric zapper
''Look, I finally zapped him for good. Evicted!''

overheard in an office kitchenette in Taipei, November 15, 2010
by PRwiz101 November 24, 2010
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When you are having sex with a woman and she holds back a sneeze, or coughs and pushes your penis out of her.
My girlfriend and I were doing it doggy style, and she sneezed and I got a sudden vaginal eviction.
by $hIti0T June 15, 2014
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When one of your roommates sleeps with an opposite sex roommate and then the significant other finds out and throws you out of his/her house.
Did you see Jon?
No, why?
He totally got the Eisen Eviction.
Really? was it worth it?
Probably not, he has nowhere to go now.
by classy kid July 23, 2010
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Tactic used by landlord to get rid of a tenant when legal eviction isn't an option. Jacking the rent way up beyond the ability of the tenant to pay is probably the most common technique.
"After a dozen times trying to get the landlord to fix the toilet, he just came back on us with a backdoor eviction by doubling the rent - he knows damned well I can't pay it!"
by FiresignTrool July 11, 2008
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A vagina that has been penetrated so hard and consistently that it no longer has walls; usually appears on thots, hoes and pornstars
Why would I want to fuck her brah? She got that eviction pussy.
by C. Ferb January 20, 2015
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