Thrift store. A place to find cheap, awesome clothes...
I got a pretty swank batman shirt at value village for two dollars :)
by captain nutsack September 11, 2005
An awesome store that sells nice suits for under 5 dollars and if you are really poor, they are easy as hell to steal from.
Hey Tyrone, lets go to value village and fill up a back-pack full of things to steal... even though we could the store with pocket-change.
by niggerkiller November 6, 2005
Hobo #1: Hey i just found a penny in my ass crack!
Hobo #2: Let's go buy some fucked up stupid clothes at Value Village!
Hobo #3: Hey we may be hobos, but we can't dress like dirty fucking natives!
Hobo #4: You know what, you are right!
by Native Hater #120392 April 11, 2007
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A place where underpaid illegal Spanish, Caucasion, or Hispanics go to shop for clothing for themselves and their family. To make things sound fancy and make themselves feel wealthy and lucky, they choose to pronounce the store as, "Va-Loo-Vee-Lage".
"Look at this beautiful sweater I got at "Valoo Vi-Lage" Barbara"
"Oh...uh, yes. Valoo-Vi-Lage? Ohh you mean Value Village, silly woman. Awww, don't give me that frown.."
by Blastigle August 28, 2004
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