When several males are in a social environment that is better suited for mixed company, see Sausage Fest
Mike: All the girls left my fancy hot tub party
Paul: Well, now I'm leaving the pride parade
by Justin Tense December 2, 2009
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A parade that is trying make LGBT seem normal. But at the same time has sex as it's vocial point. Even though that is a small action that we do in life. Most of us common LGBT want just be able to get a job, go home, eat with our partner, hold hands with our partner in public, snuggle, even a kiss on a check (Not normal in America but it's normal in Europe). But no keep telling me how there will be less hate when we alow people walk in jockstraps or fully nude or just twerk in the street. Granted some people will say it's a place to "let our hair down". Ok but no need with our pants down. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE IT OK IT'S TACKY AF AND GROSS AF.
I saw people in jock straps with but plugs to cover there ass hole at the pride parade.
And I am suppose to be shock why people are anti-LGBT when this airs on live TV?
by Facts hurt thy February 6, 2022
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Adults who string words together, then turn them into acronyms (see LGBTQIA) to give their movement a sense of seriousness and legitimacy. The main ritual of this amalgamation of people is marching forward, resembling all relevant characteristics of a funeral procession (except the dead guy - uh, oh, I mean 'person' ) A common attribute found among the members of this movement is the belief that making yourself look different means you're different. The foundation of the movement is what its members find attractive enough for sexual inter-course. The main symbol adopted by this group is the rainbow color palette, which eventually amounts to a blank paper-white - so much for being different. The movement is yet to come up with a catchy slogan ( LGBTQIA doesn't really lend itself to chanting.)
I could give a few suggestions for a Pride parade slogan (or a catchphrase) : 'We're here and we're queer! ', 'Pride is right! Pride is right!', 'We walk, we talk, we'll screw with whoever we want!'
by Fanny P. Ack June 30, 2019
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Heterosexuals confine themselves to a small portion of a town or city so that gays can have a nice time in the rest of the town.

A day marked by a parade that resembles a funeral procession.

A horrible experiment where straight people realize that there's no such thing as a "parade" without gay people.
Lisa: I'm going to the straight pride parade tomorrow. Are you coming?

Barbara: No. I'm going to take advantage of the absence of straight people by having a romantic picnic in the park with my girlfriend.

Joe: Hey, Greg, can you help us with the float for our straight pride parade?

Greg: No. I want to see if straight people can manage to put together a parade without the help of any gay people.
by Jules88 January 8, 2012
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a parade filled with trump supporters and white supremacists and a male majority. there is absolutely no culture there and it only exists because of hatred for gay people. the people who attend legitimately think they are oppressed for being straight lmao.
oh look! it’s the dumbass straight pride parade!
by mcnuggetdestroyer September 2, 2019
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Russian Gay Pride Parade -when the fireworks you hear are actually gun shots and the shrieks are people screaming and not the whistle of the firework
Aron-Hey man did you see the show last night?
Bill-yeah it turned to an absolute Russian gay pride parade
by Monstermachine863 October 30, 2018
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Person 1: You are so late for work! Where are you?
Person 2: Sorry Boss, I am stuck in a straight pride parade!!
Person 1: Oh dearYou poor thing
by Tobias Octagon July 20, 2022
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