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A really cute guy who you will once in a life time meet. He's funny and really chill. He's also the sweetest boy around. If you ever meet a Rory I bet you you'll be lucky.
Person 1: Oooo damn is that a Rory over there?
Person 2: You mean that one that's really cute and has lot's of friends?
Person 1: Yip that's definitely a Rory
by Jeffie Bobny July 26, 2017
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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
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BEST PERSON EVER!!! Rory is the kind of person who will be there no matter what. He has support flowing out his ass hole. He is very smart and conciders all around him. He is very respectful and will make BEAUTIFUL BABIES!
Rory's AMAZING! Cale's a FAG!
by reeeeeba January 27, 2011
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a sexy young man also described as someone with a big penis
rory is amazing
by bomb head December 09, 2019
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Hes a kind caring and loving person and will always be there for you you may date a rory once in your life but keep him because a rory will probably never come back again
Girl 1:hey did you meet the new boy I think hes a rory

Girl 2: yeah hes a real snack

Girl 3:no hes the whole fucking meal
by Floppydick69 June 20, 2019
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Someone: *Knocks over a drink bottle
Whole-Class: RORY!
Rory: :(
by xX GayMan Xx October 22, 2019
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