a sexy young man also described as someone with a big penis
rory is amazing
by bomb head December 9, 2019
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the most perfect person in the world , the sweetest person i’ve ever met and someone i never want to lose. someone that means the world to me and the most important person in my life forever and always. my soulmate , i love you.
rory will always have a special place in my heart , even if death do us part.
by alyssaxaq May 6, 2022
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Rory is a handsome Irish man who loves rangas. He loves the all red hair girls with freckles oh lalal
person 1: Look at that girl

Rory: Oh wow I love tall red hair girls with freckles so hot
by yo home bro November 4, 2020
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a girl definition. pretty, caring, athletic. they also tend to be really funny but not happy all the time. they can really brighten up a room with their eyes and personality. they also tend to be able to get guys but never date them. emotional yet strong and independent. they are smart, beautiful, and trustworthy. great friends, you’d be lucky to know one.
boy- you guys are bad sports

girls- alright but not rory, she will show you up!
by billyjoejr May 30, 2020
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An absolute lad with an abnormally wide penis and oversized testicles but he sure does try in bed.
What's your boyfriends name?
Well, atleast he tries.
by Botech August 16, 2015
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