To have a good car, or to have a pimped out car.
"Dude my new car's so tight! I'm rolling fat and ALL the girls want me now!"
by Sarabi March 20, 2008
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*me wears crop top*

Abbey*2 seconds after walking into the locker room*: I can see your fat rolls falling out of your shirt
by thatbitchinthecorner December 27, 2019
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A layer of fat that is saggy and heavy, so it droops down.
Dude, she has to lose those fat rolls!
by Shoop da whoop February 14, 2009
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A delicious pastry made from someone's drooping layers of fat.
These fat rolls are so FRESH! They must of just came out of the oven! Yum.
by Bessiethesupercow August 31, 2007
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she is a annoying sixth grader that is fat and her name is mierda
look its fat roll mierda
by poopy jose February 19, 2016
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To roll the biggest number on a die or dice
"Okay... we do not want to roll fat." *rolls a six* "And just like that I roll fat!"
by crafty453 August 3, 2023
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