Abbey: the girl that all girls strive to be. The girl that all guys strive to get. She's exquisitely beautiful. But she has a hard time making herself believe it sometimes. She's as humble a person as you'll ever meet. She's all you will ever need. Show her love and she will trust you. Show her respect and correct affection and she will love you. Once you have an abbey don't ever lose her. She's a dream girl. Where she smiles, there are no more troubles. Where she laughs, all worries disappear. Where she cries, is on your shoulder. And where she loves, nothing else is needed. So listen up punks. Treat this woman like she deserves. Never let a moment pass without making sure she knows you care. Take care of her. And she will take care of you

she needs you and you sure as hell need her.
Abbey, the girl so beautiful it makes you afraid to approach.
by Lover💛Boy June 3, 2013
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Abbey is the girl when she enters a room anywhere she just blows you away, she is the hottest girl in the class that every guy has a crush on and every girl wants to be. She knows what she wants and her hard work is inspirational and admirable. She is so beautiful you want to tell her every time you get the chance. She knows how to dress, even if it is just a casual fit she still finds a way to stand out and look amazing. When she is wearing a dress it just leaves you speechless, your mouth will drop to the ground and you might not be able to move from being stunned by how fine she is. Her laugh is the most infectious of all laughs because every time you see her laugh you start smiling. Her smile and laugh will be stuck in your head forever and you shouldn't complain about that because it is the only thing you want to have stuck in your head. She loves county but also can bump to any rap song, she loves when it rains and when you surprise her. She has the sweetest heart and is the most loving person. She will stick by your side if you treat her well and you better treat her well because she deserves the world and the universe, because she is one in a billion, no one in a trillion. Being with her is the best feeling in the world and that feeling is addictive because once you are away from her you will want to see her as soon as possible again. Love her with all your heart and treat her like the queen she is.
Yoo do you see that girl that just walked into the Starbucks?

Yes, dude that is Abbey she comes in here very often and every time she comes in she blows me away.
I know dude I couldn't keep my eyes off her.
by Neukenindekeuken August 31, 2021
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Abbeys are always the prettiest girls in the room. They don't see their beauty, and they are very insecure. They are extremely intelligent and witty. Abbeys are hilarious. They make sexual jokes that only their friends understand. They have great comebacks. They stand up for themselves and the people they love. Abbeys tend to stay away from large crowds, they like to keep to themselves. If an Abbey lets you into her heart, consider yourself very lucky, they don't let people in very easily. They have great taste in music and will watch any movie you play for them. Abbeys love to cuddle, especially with their boyfriend or girlfriend. They need to feel loved and needed. If an Abbey lets you into her life, never let her go. She is the best thing that could ever happen to you.
Wow, Abbey is so beautiful.

Abbey is the best thing that ever happened to me, I'll never let her go.
by Lala land machine June 15, 2013
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She is the most loving caring Person you will ever meet. She is beautiful, even though she doesn't believe it herself.
She brushes off compliments because she never understand that people don't always lie. People always rush to her when they need help for anything but when she needs someone, nobody is open. You have to show that you love her for her to trust you, and her trust is hard to come by. She has been walked over many times in the past because for once she wanted people to listen to what she wanted, and everyone just thought she was being a bitch. Her life has stopped because she became too busy helping everyone with fast forwarding theirs. And no matter how good you think she has it, you would still come out as better off. She constantly draws the short straw with everything she does and no matter how hard she tries she will stay at the bottom of the board. She shows love to people that don't love her back because they never realise how special she is. All that I can say now is that, if you ever meet an Abbey, love her with all you have. Andnever let go. You need her and she needs you.
I wish I was a amazing as Abbey
by Ashley Cage March 14, 2014
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An Abbey is a special girl. She's As gorgeous on the inside as is on the outside and is so kind and loving towards others. Great body, Perfect hair, and She's the queen bee that everyone loves and thinks highly of, no matter what the haters say. She is loyal to her many friends and would kick anyone's ass for them! This badass is the life of the party. She's quite romantic and a GREAT kisser! She's a real catch. So if you ever catch an Abbey, don't let her go.
Boy- Damn, I gotta take Abbey out sometime!! She be lookin FINEEEE!!

Girl- Abbey is at the top of the invite list for my party!! If she comes, I bet more people will want to come too!!
by Powerpuff101 July 6, 2013
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Abbey's are funny, beautiful, and one of the most trustworthy people on the earth. If you have an Abbey as a friend, make sure to remember her forever!
Abbey is so funny!
by emojisrlife May 9, 2015
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girl with a fighting fire inside . she is mean tempered but can be sweet to those she actually likes. she is very smart and wise . she has brown hair and eyes. she can make people laugh and is someone that you will not forget easily. if bothered she will hit you and is extremely ticklish . but she is a great person who also loves books and loves school and animals . she is a caring person .
I need someone to talk to . i know ill call abbey.
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