you're so full of mierda
by Thuggish June 22, 2003
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Spanish for shit.
Used in other forms....
Colombians clean it up a bit.... they say case mommy and daddy are around... Miercoles = Mierda. Miercoles is also Spanish for Wednesday... I guess Wednesday is full of SHIT
by That's Hot March 7, 2005
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as many now know.. is spanish for shit. other synonyms include caca and porqueria.
actually most latin american countries use mier.....coles to clean it up in front of people who don't like cursing. ex.1 I'm going to beat the mierda out of you. ex.2 I'm going to beat the wednesday out of you
by somedudeyoudontknow July 4, 2005
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Marissa, Jamie, and Cecilia love to say the word "mierda" in 1st period.
by panduhbear October 10, 2008
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In many spanish-speaking countries it means "thing".
Apurate, dame esa mierda. "Hurry up, give me that shit"
by elmerocaballo April 18, 2009
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Haschish, an illegal drug widely consumed in Spain, a product made with Cannabis Sativa.
"Fuimos al moro y subimos un kilo de mierda" "We went to Morocco and brought a kilo of haschish"
by fonsucu June 9, 2008
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