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noun. The smartest, sexiest man on the internet. Legend holds that he's hung like a Clysdale and smarter than Neal Stephenson.
I wish I could be Roark, but I am not great enough, nor will I ever be.
by Mark January 24, 2005
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Sound made by engineering students at times of extream stress. It is believed that it helps to ease the stresses caused by 5 years of hard work.
Student: Rooooooaaaark Rooooooaaaaark, ah thats better.
by Matt February 28, 2005
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a woman with a bird like voice, usually very annoying and persistant.
by Mr.Fantastic August 28, 2008
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Main Entry: roark
Pronunciation: r'O'-r K
Function: noun
Etymology: Late Latin roarkillis, from Latin in- + ignoramus, oblivious -- more at 'asshat'
: incapable of accepting free perspectives; to dominate ignorantly; : UNCONQUERABLE
At the Theatre: "Man that conductor was such a Roark. I feel like I've lost my entire conceptual universe."

At the Gas Station: "That mother ****** just roark'd me!"

At the Art Galleria: "I'm not fond of his work. This piece is such a Roark. Tell me Geoffrey, what do you make of the upside down monkeys?"
by Semour December 30, 2004
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