When two or more guys have sex with a girl, each of the guys choose a designated hole to penetrate similar to how they would choose spots in the car for the ride
When Jim and Carl went on a road trip with Sally, Jim stayed in the front and Carl stayed in the back the whole ride.
by Mr.Geeve March 04, 2015
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Long car rides with friends, family, pets, etc. Generally entails excessive heat, or air conditioning, rest stops, pee breaks, speeding, sleeping, and lots of cities. Red bull is acceptable.
Hey, let's take a road trip to Florida from Michigan.

Yeah, I love road trips.
by BMINE April 01, 2010
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The act of getting buzzed on the drive to the party so you do not have to endure being the soberest person at the party.
We're going to be road tripping it up there.
by Bill Wasowski Jr. February 16, 2007
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A reduced variation of u-hauling* that includes the rapid emotional, sexual and physical connection without the expectation of immediately moving in with one another. Road trips are often used as a trial run for couples to see how potentially compatible they are to live together. Road-tripping is the conventional, preliminary stage that leads to an unconventional, fast paced relationship.

*u-hauling refers to two women who move in together very soon after they start dating.

Taking big steps emotionally, but not the

- two women who move in together very soon after they start dating
-emotional, sexual, and physical connection (intense)
- attached very quickly
- women who move quickly in the relationship emotionally or sexually and move in together
"Moving in together is a huge commitment. I think we should continue road-tripping."

"They've been spending a lot more time together lately. It appears their road-tripping is evolving into u-hauling."
by Jarah818 August 24, 2021
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When everyone goes drivin around in the spot where the least amount of cops roam and toke toke toke it up.
Want to go on a road trip later?
by Weedman Dave February 21, 2005
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When one party takes a shit into another party's mouth (see New England Steamer), then the second party proceeds to move the defecation from their mouth to their chest (see Cleveland Steamer).
by Anonymous July 29, 2004
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