A lengthy sexual encounter that might involve multiple positions, oral sex, sex toys, dress-up, etc.
Instead of the usual quickie, how would you like to take a road trip tonight?
by SAgent October 15, 2005
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It's a trip in a car for a long period of time and also known as a trashy band who tried to compete with why don't we
by Jygj August 23, 2017
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RoadTrip are the Best boy band

The band consists of 5 sexy human beings
Iā€™m going to Roadtrips gig
by Roadtrip_coffeee January 30, 2018
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Great teenage comedy featuring Tom Green and others.
-You coming?
-What else am I going to do, stay here and learn? Roadtrip!
by gayfag August 15, 2006
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When everyone goes drivin around in the spot where the least amount of cops roam and toke toke toke it up.
Want to go on a road trip later?
by Weedman Dave February 21, 2005
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When one party takes a shit into another party's mouth (see New England Steamer), then the second party proceeds to move the defecation from their mouth to their chest (see Cleveland Steamer).
by Anonymous July 29, 2004
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