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A berry left between the sheets of your bed by a nighttime visitor for your discovery. This berry is typically delivered from the hairs of the anal cavity and consists of material such as fecal matter, bathroom tissue, newspaper clippings, broken glass, or Charlston Chews.
So, I woke up this morning told that sugar-muffin I met last night to take off. After she left, I got up to get a beer and when I got back in bed I found that the bitch had left a god-damned New England Steamer in my bed!
by VILSON September 03, 2003
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After or during sex when you take a dump in someones mouth it is known as a New England Steamer.
Hey, If you gave a bitch a New England Steamer and then a Clevland Steamer on her chest would it be a road trip?
by Brian P July 28, 2004
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