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Much like a power trip, a "Road Trip" is when a driver feels like he/she owns the road and feels as if they are a better driver than the other drivers around them.
That asshole just cut across a 4 lane highway and cut me off, he's definitely on a road trip....
by jbirdx September 28, 2010
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Russian fur cap with ear flaps that can be tied up to the crown of the cap, or tied at the chin to protect the ears, jaw and lower chin from the cold. A good choice when your freezing your ass off...
Damn, its cold outside... Good thing I have my Ushanka.
by jbirdx January 18, 2010
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Something that wiggers say to make themselves look black and to feel cool when they are leaving.
Only unintelligent people use the word Dip Set
by jbirdx January 12, 2010
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