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Taking your rage out on the road, especially on those motherfuckers who cut you off or tailgate you.
by rock fan February 24, 2003
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Road Rage is a condition that is created when lazy, uninterested and/or overworked traffic cops let ignorant drivers operate their vehicles in an illegal and aggressive manner that irritates the drivers around them. The end result is Road Rage. Road Rage can result in anything from foul gestures to the offending asshole being shot.
Until the police increase the number of citations they issue to asshole drivers, Jagoffs in Las Vegas will continue to create more Road Rage.
by Overdrive February 25, 2006
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The act or feeling of agression towards the dumbasses that share the nations hiways with one.
Road rage: if you don't have it, you're probably causing it.
by Jesus February 24, 2003
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The uncontrolable feeling of wanting to plow your car into another drivers car.
I'm not giving way to you,you can keep driving forward but I'm going to give you some of my paint for free.Oh!!!! smart arse hey? Now I'm going to chase,and force my paintwork onto your car.Shit! Shit! Shit! Wish I had a faster car.
by Huge November 02, 2003
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Road Rage is a term that cover a broad range of behaviors that people exibit when they get pissed off while driving and tear shit up, smash other peoples cars, smash their own car and sometimes they will get out and beat the shit out of someone or they may get their own ass kicked (which cures some road rage). Basically a very stupid thing to do unless you video it and share on Youtube then it is okay.
Man I saw this guy get out of an 18 wheeler cause he had road rage and wanted to kick this scooter drivers ass but the scooter driver beat the shit out of the trucker but in the end the trucker caught back up with him and just ran the scooter over with the dude still riding it... Whats that? Oh yes it was very funny and fuck that guy why should I have helped him? He was under a truck okay....
by saharadryhumor February 06, 2015
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its what every other driver in the world causes you to get this condition that makes you want to cuss and bitch the next 5 miles to your house..because the worst road rage you can get is always 5 miles from you want to get home so bad and you get behind some fucking slow ass and all you want to do is get home..happens every time
DAMNIT...stupid bastard where did you learn how to drive Head Up Ass School..get out of the damn way!
by surfergurl2006 April 25, 2005
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A term often misused by the media describing an individual who is angry that someone cut him off or when a merge hopper passes or darts in front of him.
Under some circumstances, the rager is actually the total dick; the aggressive driver. When someone nearly kills you with some sort of punk ass reckless driving move, your rage should NOT be coined "road rage," just as your rage at someone pointing a gun at you wouldn't be coined such or considered abnormal.
Scott: "I was driving along with my newborn and son in the car and this merge hopper darts in front of me. I had to SLAM on my brakes! My kids nearly went flying out of their child seats! I freaked! If the fucking media was there, they would have plastered it all over the 6 o'oclock as a "road rage" incident!"

Max: "I hear you dude, its like the asshole pointed a gun at your kids heads and was pulling the trigger. He could have killed you all. I would have been pissed man, the media would have been there alright....doing the LEAD on a murder investigation!!"
by psiscott April 09, 2006
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