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For breakfast, Mike Tyson grabs a bowl of Earios to start his day.
by James Lowe January 22, 2007
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It will be THE BEST GAME EVER to be released! Will make Master chief look like a fucking pansy-ass sissy girl who braids hair all day long.
On November 16th, Half-Life 2 will be the Messiah of the gaming universe!
by James Lowe November 5, 2004
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The muscle car to own all muscle cars.

Engine: 426 Hemi
HP: 425
C.R.: 10.25:1
0-60: 4.8 sec
REVV REVV ZOOM ZOOM it goes bye bye before you can say Dodge
by James Lowe October 16, 2004
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a second-rate aftermarket manufacturer compared to Edelbrock.
Damn! that 600cfm Edelbrock carb kicked my Holley 1125 carbs ass!
by James Lowe June 13, 2005
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Dodge's performance versions of cars back in the muscle era. (aka Dodge Charger R/T or Coronet R/T)

R/T stands for Road and Track
1969 Dodge Charger...(drools all over keyboard)
by James Lowe October 12, 2004
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The Uphoric felling that you get at any time to go as fast as your car can possibly go while avoiding the cops at the same time
Damn..with my 1968 Dodge Charger R/T with a 426 hemi giving me 425 horsepower..I..FEEL...ROAD RAGE!!!
by James Lowe June 19, 2004
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Stephen Hawking is his ownage on. Raps like a motherfucker and definitley raps better than Eminem and all those other fuckers excluding Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz
Those dumb-ass bitches...every time I think of them my trigger finger itches
by James Lowe September 6, 2004
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