84 definitions by James Lowe

A time when you shit so hard that it all comes out of your ass at once..most of the time leaving your ass more pooey than a whole roll of T.P. can handle
MOM!! I.....need more T.P.
by James Lowe June 5, 2004
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a fart so loud and volatile that the stench you just made makes cow shit smell like roses
DUDE!! Whats up with your explosive flatule---(deathly gasp)
by James Lowe June 5, 2004
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THE definition of what cars were and always will be in that era...and what cars should be today.

All hail the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
Dude, did you see that '69 Charger R/T with that big-ass 426 Hemi? That shit puts out 425 horsepower
by James Lowe September 6, 2004
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The definition of perfection! Even 35+ years old they can still beat the shit out of most cars today. Mainly designed to pulverize all cars on a drag race type run.

American muscle are very powerful, while thier gas mileage and cornering arent too great. Thier power and originality make up for all else. BOW DOWN TO AMERICAN MUSCLE YOU JAPANESE CAR LOSERS!!!
I do declare! American Muscle is the best thing to ever exist! SCREW JAPANESE CARS, PAL!
by James Lowe March 13, 2005
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The shittiest fucking ISP ever to come to existance. Their customer service reps are the biggest bunch of shit-eating, monkey fucking, motherfuckers ever!

Didnt thewy get sued by Warner Bros. For Copyright Infringement?
You Got Mail? Please! It should say "You got more spam, dickhead"
by James Lowe December 18, 2004
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A bad-ass series that never gets tired. Tribes can kick Halo's ass any day
Tribes vs. Halo?

Ill take Tribes
by James Lowe November 3, 2004
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An english phrase used to describe something "excellent" or "awesome"
Englishman: That is smashing!
Woman: haha! cute word! what does it mean?
Englishman: Smashing...
Woman: I still dont get it...
Englishman: It means...smashing
by James Lowe December 13, 2007
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