Refers to the 7 liter big block hemi found in old dodge and Plymouth muscle cars. it's called the 426 because that is it's displacement in cubic inches.
his car has a 426 big block.
by p.p. erect January 22, 2022
A Euclid class SCP, which resembles a normal everyday toaster, but can only be referred to in the first person.
Hello, I am SCP 426. I am an ordinary toaster, but when any human being mentions me, they inadvertently refer to me in the first person.
by Hydrociraptor December 25, 2019
A variation of Rule 34, this rules declares that if it exists, there is, or will be, a crossover with the Aliens (or Predator) franchise.
Did you see the Rule 426 A.L.F. meme? With the cat exploding out of his chest?
by DiscipleofTyr January 14, 2021