Clean-burning paper that comes in packs of numerous sizes. Used to wrap tobacco, weed, or any other plant the user wishes to cleanly and easily smoke.
E-Z Wider and Rizzla are my rolling papers of choice.
by Trae January 25, 2006
the outer wrapper of a "pot doobie"
Courtney lost her rolling papers and then found them being hidden by the weird twins in the lunchroom.
by crazymomdotcom March 22, 2012
a roll of paper towels
"Yo, pass me that roll paper."

- "You mean a paper towel?"
by dj tightFold August 5, 2010
Rolling papers made from pure hemp. They are slow burning, healthy, burns slow and runs for 2 bucks in your local smoke/head shop.
I rolled some DANK ass Bubba Kush with Hempire Rolling Papers; the J got me chiefed for like 3 hours fool... THAT SHIT CRAYYY
by TheActualTruthTeller November 28, 2011
a list composing of prostitutes that a pimp would collect money from.
That woman is on my Paper Roll.
by NStiles January 13, 2009
A giant black dick. Typically attached to a stove pipe.
Hey bro, can you we lost our rutter on the this cruise ship could we use your tar paper roll to steer the ship?
by Rest In Piss February 5, 2011