lowe meaning allow like just accept

people usually say lowe it like accept it move on
or you can say lowe yourself meaning calm yourself or calm down
1. i’ll knock you out mate

2. nah lowe yourself
by the urban mandem April 30, 2019
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Pronounced l- owe
forget it!
dont bother!
Shall we go get crabs? no, lowe that!
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
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1. Verb indicating that one will not do the action referred to.
2. Expression indicating that one will leave behind an object
3. Expression indicating that one will not bother with something
1. Do we have Maths now? Lowe that!

2. Where's my phone? Meh, lowe it!

3. You have to do your homework. Awww... lowe that!

4. I'm just going to lowe the chores.
by Anon User. November 16, 2007
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the fobtastic pronunciation of "love". it is usually pronounced like this from our parents, uncles, aunties, appachas, ammachis, and a good international student here and there.
dad said, "i lowe u monay."
david replied, "wtf dad? we're in america now."
by davidandanita November 6, 2006
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a lowe is a girl who is flat chested and very hairy. they are often around 6ft tall with size 10 feet. most lowe's have a huge dong hidden beneath their amazon of pubic hair.
"dude did you see that lowe?"
"no what was it like?"
"man there was hair coming out of everywhere!"
"ew she's such a lowe!"
by smdnowplz May 29, 2011
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an old maths teacher whom is part of the ctas staff (counter terrorists against students). he likes to yell at people and he is a WANKER!
GEeeeeeeeeentlemen, get back behind me and shove your COCKS in my ASS!
by shutthefuckup August 18, 2003
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