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Wagwan is a greeting that only roadmen of lvl 10 can use
this greeting is an abbreviation of "Whats going on?"
by ROADANROB November 26, 2017
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Greeting in the Patois dialect of Jamaica, rather than a "bastardization" of "What's going on" though it is the equivelant.

Originally evolved out of the dialect formed by African slaves being taught to speak english by the British in Jamaica during the peak of sugar plantations.
Used in a greeting as, "Hey mon, wagwan".
by Chopin_Amateur June 28, 2006
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The term wagwan is typically used by people in London as a method of greeting eachother, especially on the street or is associated with gangs. Its origin is from Jamaica, and is used to ask how some one is, wagwan = what is going on.
Wagwan G, how you been?
Ayyyyy wagwan fam.
by YouTube:Murkyy June 11, 2018
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My London boys told me that Wag Wan is slang mostly used in Hackney and it means 'Whats Going On '

Wag Wan - Whats going on say it slow it sounds like whats going on

1 - "Hello Mate"
2 - "Wag Wan Brov"
by B-man the don September 22, 2006
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a formal greetin between 2 homies who known each other since bak in da day:"wats going on?"
"Yo wa gwan blud?"
"nutin man just chillin"
by jazman June 20, 2003
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