Normally outgoing, a gorgeous, smilling girl who will be there for you through think and thin untill you show her a reason not to be. Riley's are normally the jealous type and very competitive. She has a nice body and gets distracted easily. But they're always fun to be with. You can trust this girl with anything and she will never tell a soul.. even she hates your guts. She can be smart if she tries to be. Oh, and If you get a Riley to yourself.. you're in for a treat ;)
"I wish I had a Riley..."
by Annon26 December 09, 2012
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One of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. He'll always listen to your problems if you're close with him, and will do anything for you. He can have a temper at times if people give him too much bullshit. It takes him time to get over someone, and he tends to fall back into the same trap of a girl if they are on and off. Also very witty and funny, one of the best people ever. His eyes are amazing and you could look at them the whole day. That and his personality combined makes girls like him or fall in love with him all the time. He's talented and plays some instrument. Puts his friends first.
Riley is so sweet..I would be so lucky to go out with him.
by hullo dare <(o_o)> September 23, 2012
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Well.... Riley is all round goofy. Riley is very hot and will do anything to make you smile and laugh. He seems nerdy until you get to know him... he's still kinda nerdy. But he's just amazing and a great friend.
Oh you know Riley... Ya the goofy guy over there... I mean he's pretty hot too.
by Awesomeness552 November 23, 2016
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A beautiful, amazing girl that steal your heart as soon as you see her. She often has guys flirting to her but she only has one special man. She is so hot and fun to be around that it feels like a hole in your heart when you don’t see her for more than a couple of days.
Jack: I’ve heard you’re dating a Riley. Is that true?
Sam: Yeah, I love Riley more than anything in the world.
by Sam_wygant3 June 29, 2018
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an absolutely stunning person. most attractive guy to walk the earth. can be in a very long and strong relationship if he finds the right girl, someone who is strong for everything and doesnt say no. rileys date beautiful down to earth, extremely caring girls..usually short, sometimes thin sometimes a tad bit bigger than average, mainly blonde hair, and to die for eyes that you can stare into for hours. riley can kill you with his words, but he can also bring you back to life with them. he fights for what needs to be said and done. does not mess around. can often find true love sooner than he thought possible. will do endless things for family and close ones. very supportive and helpful. just all out the best. you'd be very lucky to know a guy like riley.
Well I cant wait until i find my riley..
by dancer6211 August 07, 2011
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A beautiful girl who is very laid back. She has nice hair and a smile that you could look at for forever. She will do anyone for anyone as long as it will make them happy, even if she doesn't benefit from it. Riley absolutely loves animals and will always help them. Her friends will often fall for her which troubles her a lot, but she will always be there for them. When it comes to relationships she will be faithful no matter what and is always in it for the long run. Trust her with long distance, and don't worry about small things because she will be there no matter what.
"That girl is so sweet"

"Yeah I know! That's Riley."
by .2013.937.cool December 11, 2013
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