Glock 19 Specifications
Caliber 9mm (9x19mm)
Magazine Capacity 15 rounds
Overall Length 6.85" 174 mm
Height (Including Mag) 5.00" 127 mm
Width 1.18" 30 mm
Length Between Sights 6.02" 153 mm
Barrel Length 4.02" 102 mm
Barrel Rifling Right, Hexagonal
Length of Twist 9.84" 250 mm
Weight (Without Mag) 20.99 oz 595 g
Empty Mag Weight 2.46 oz 70 g
Full Mag Weight ~8.99 oz ~255 g
Trigger Pull ~5.5 lbs ~2.5 kg
Trigger Travel 0.5" 12.5 mm
Action Glock Safe Action
Number of Safeties 3
The Glock 19 takes the opposite direction of the longslide G17L: compactness. The G19 is essentially a reduced version of the G17. It's a half inch shorter, a half inch longer and hold 15 rounds instead of 17.
"Yo homie, tha's a glock 9!"
"First of all, I'm not your homie. Second this it's not a Glock 9, its a Glock 19. Wanna see what the barrel looks like?"
by James McCrite September 1, 2005
im gunna shot you with my glock
by travis January 16, 2004
The best item to bring to show and tell
"an' here is ma glock 19"
"He HaS A GuN RuNnN!!1!!1!1"
by Subtochaoticcoops December 1, 2022