Rik is the most amazing guy ever. Usually of nordic origins, he has two wonderful eyes. Any girl is lucky to have him, because he will treat her like a princess and also be her best friend. He is a very nice old-fashioned guy and would always open the car door for you. He is also very romantic and a bit nerdy. The right combination of everything.
Girl 1: Yesterday my guy brought me a bunch of flower and chocolates!
Girl 2: Ohh, you must be dating a Rik!
by fatina May 12, 2017
"Sex with Rik, is like having sex with a god"
by trickdaddy007 May 19, 2017
The goat at football cute aasb smart everybody like him and he sexy a a god at every thing
by @luhxrik November 11, 2019
1. Noun. A place of party.

2. Verb. To party.
On Saturday we are going to rik at the rik.
by SweatyWarlus April 3, 2009
Used in short for Rikshaw. Rikshaw is a mode of transport in India similar to cab
I had to walk a mile to get a Rik today.
by cr@p August 6, 2010
Slang term for mail or email, as in the comedian Rik Mayall.
"I will send you a Rik from work."

"What's a Rik?"

"A mail, an email. A Rik Mayall! Oh forget it!"
by Jack-up man! July 28, 2005
Slang for Erik. Meaning a French person who will not admit that they are French.
Don't they take showers in your contry? You must be a Rik
by Brandolium Klovvenjourgh September 27, 2007