When recieving oral sex one will release the load into the mouth and before giving any chance to swallow a halarious joke is told resulting in the semen being squirted out the nose.
Last night I hit Lisa with the comedian and told her the one about the Priest.
by Bowie August 17, 2006
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Depending on the types of jokes and the manner in which they present them, the rare breed called "comedians" is one of the most intelligent types of people you will ever find inhabiting the planet. In a school classroom situation they are always the bright smart arses in the top class.
Anyone can tell a joke, but to tell a good, witty and tasteful joke is truly a rare gift. The people who possess this gift are comedians.
by _General_Zod_Will_Rule_ January 27, 2007
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Someone who tells jokes. You have to learn a long time to be a good comedian.

This can be used as a noun.
by poiytrewq June 8, 2012
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Someone who tells jokes for a living
I love a variety of comedians.
by Sylk Cream October 14, 2005
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A comedian is someone who is supposed to be funny.
Is she supposed to be a comedian? I didn't realise.
by I Hate Political Correctness February 9, 2018
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