City in the north-west of Italy, hometown of Christopher Columbus, Niccolò Paganini, Giuseppe Mazzini, Pietro Germi, Vittorio Gassman, Fabrizio De André, Ivano Fossati. Famous for pesto and blue jeans (from "bleu de Gênes", lit. "blue of Genoa"). Largest port of Italy and home of the first football team in the country, Genoa Football & Cricket Club, founded in 1893. Stunningly beautiful city inhabited by proud, highly unsociable people. The Genovese invented the first bank and the first pawnshop in the Western world.
Aw, what's the matter with him?
You gotta understand, he's from Genoa - he ain't very social. He's not evil though.
by L-boob April 2, 2011
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A small rural village in northwest Ohio, full farm machinery and wiggers. About the size of a nickel. Tries to cram every ethnic restarunt inside its limits. Has one dangerous intersection. Includes people who mow their lawn riding a mower with two push mowers attached, and those who think themed mailboxes are the next "it" item. Has trains that wake you up at night, and a blasting quarry to distract the elementary students.
"So, where do you live?"
by emilay! July 11, 2008
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Tiny ass town in Illinois that might as well have no location because no one knows where it is. Surrounded by corn fields. Corner Grill is the best restaurant downtown, our local gas station sells ice cream from Wisconsin even though we're in Illinois. Our high school's mascot is a Cog, we're a small town school with big time pride and the ultimate slogan is "What a day to be a cog"
Wait where is Genoa?
by mermaid4657 March 26, 2018
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City on the west coast of Italy, in the northern part along the mediterranean. Birthplace of original gangsta OG Brutus.

aka the G.I. (Genoa, Italy)
"yo who's that dude over there?"
"don't mess with him man, that's OG Brutus. He's from Genoa"
by OG OG OG Loc October 30, 2006
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A rural town in Wisconsin that borders Richmond, Illinois to the south. A lovely town to raise kids in, but quite possibly the most boring place to be a child. The Police are especially troublesome... they have nothing better to do than stalk and harrass. Never heard of "Serve and Protect" I guess. They should get a real job!
So, where are you from?



Genoa City!
by Speaking From Experience October 14, 2008
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A small town where the unfriendliest people on earth live. If you were not born and raised in this town you will never be accepted, and will forever be treated like shit. 90 percent of this town is raging alcoholics, and the other 10 percent are recovering alcoholics. If it wasn't located on a main highway no one would ever pass through this hell hole. It is a place where people don't hold doors open for the next guy, they don't wave back, and if you say hi to them they don't say anything back. The population consists of elderly people, homies, bitches, and hoes.
"Lets go to Genoa, Nebraska. I heard they are having karoke at that new bar!"
"No thanks. If I wanted to get stared at and talked about all night I would go to a KKK meeting."
by JimmyJackInTheBocks November 22, 2009
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A small country town that everyone refers to as Geno-where. It's small and very cute. It's a little past Hampshire and before Kingston on route 72/23
Person 1: where you from?
Person 2: Genoa!
Person 1: Geno-where?
Person 2: Genoa IL where the town is small and you have nothing to do but eat at every restaurant in town
by RoxyStyles13 November 7, 2019
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