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Rhett is another word for "awesome".
This word was made up in an episode of the youtube talk show "Good Mythical Morning", called "10 Vintage Curse Words to Bring Back".
That movie was so rhett!
by Bartemy August 29, 2014
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Basically the guy with a big dick,looks great,smells great and all the ladies want him. He is great at sports also and has a great since of humor
how is rhett good looking at the same time?
by Defined88 November 18, 2014
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A smart handsome young man the hides his feelings and is stoborn. Be he is always willing to learn and he is caring.
Wow. I would totally wanna dat e Rhett.
by Xx$Rhett$xX February 01, 2017
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The act of being good at sex stuff and making money off anything (except ironically from sex stuff).

Selling things people don't even see, such as extended warranties. Probably some elitist nerd working at an electronics store who plays magic the gathering in his spare time...
Brittany: "Why are you walking funny?"
Valerie: "I totally got Rhetted last night."


Wife: "Why'd you buy extended warranty?"
Husband: "I dunno... the salesperson pulled a total Rhett on me."
by Fire Marshal Hardie January 07, 2014
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Rhett is a strong charachtered self-confident girl who is strengthened by her Christian faith and great family. She is the most beautiful girl one could ever lay eyes upon. She's intelligent and her work ethic is inspiring. The effort that she puts into her relationship, that most girls don't do, reminds her boyfriend of how lucky he is. Simply put, she is the most amazing girl ever.
Rhett was very thoughtful when she painted her boyfriend's parking spot.
by SoooooLucky December 07, 2012
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A person that is shy and can be funny. A Rhett is usually tall with blonde hair, he is a great lover and will protect anyone he/she cares about. He/she tends to get hurt a lot. Sometimes he/she can be depressed but he never tries to show it. If he/she meets the right person in their life they will love you for an eternity. Don't EVER get on the bad side of him/her you WILL regret it. If you are lucky enough to meet a Rhett in your life make sure you never let him/her go. If you are in a relationship with Rhett love him/her forever. <3<3
Person 1: Did you see (him/her) ?!

Person 2: Yeah I think that's Rhett!
by Ind0m1nusR3xx June 16, 2018
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