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The things that big purple space raisin hunts down and uses to kill half of everybody. Then gets killed by them after a super rich guy makes a glove that can use the little nuggets of rock to snap and kill space raisin.
If you are a space raisin, you will die to my infinity stone.
by AGuyWhoKnowsWordsYouDont April 29, 2019
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A rain bowed colored rock collection that are called the infinity stones that you you smash up the to later snort and you will get Infinity Stoned (Pun Intended)
Drax: Whoa are those The Infinity Stones
Thanos: Ya lets smash them up and try em
Drax & Thanos: Whoa are we Infinity Stoned
by dankmemedannyboi May 2, 2019
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Three guys (sometimes four it kinda shifts) who are Asian and hot and gained clout for it on tiktok. People started calling them the Asian infinity stones and you have to “collect them”

- kazuya
- har

- Nash
(Pls note they’re all minors and be respectful)
Omg you’ll never believe it, all the Asian infinity stones follow me back😱
by Will this blow up? May 24, 2022
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A Plus sized turd that refuses to flush. Best nudged on by donning a large "Thanos' turd nudging glove" to nudge it on its way.
I had to put Thanos' turd nudging glove on today to shift that brown infinity stone you left in the toilet.
by Cody Curmudgeon March 27, 2021
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