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An unsigned indie rock band from Chico, California consisting of:
Justin Richards (vocals, guitar)
Alex Draper (Bass)
and temporary members:
Austin Gibbs (guitar)
Ben Spear (drums)
Previous members:
Jimmy Richards (drums)

Jimmy quit the band and left to go to Africa just a month or so ago in early July of 2008.

They released the album King vs. Queen in 2007. They have 2 EPs out, Ready When You Are which was released in 2005, and Early Love which just came out today, September 2nd, 2008.
by Hailey471238905 September 02, 2008
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Brighten... there aren’t any words to describe him. He is a love and caring and a little silly guy. And a hot one to. He will know everyone. All the lady’s will love him but he will only love one girl. Whoever that girl is... well she is the luckiest girl. Brighten is over protective and super sweet. Very loud and funny. If someone needs a jacket for warmth he will give it to you.
Person1: do you know brighten?
Person2: who doesn’t know him.

Person3: oh brighten is so hot
Person4: nah I like Trevor

Person1: oh well you need to go see a doctor if you don’t think he is hot
by Katereed February 16, 2018
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Brighten is a girl who is always funny and loves to laugh. If she insults you, she means it as a joke. She is very ticklish. She also is very loyal to her friends and won't talk bad about them. She loves her family and treats them with love.
Person One: Omg, how are you Brighten?!
Brighten: Good I guess.

Person One: so yesterday my friend said...
Brighten: You have friends?😊😏
by Someone3303 December 01, 2019
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