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A comedy duo made up of Rhett McLaughlin and Charles "Link" Neal. They post videos from Monday-Friday. The videos are usually about silly or weird things.(Like, "Will it Donut?")
Both men have wives and children I unfortunetly do not know the names of.
Person 1: Hey! Who are you watching?
Person 2: Oh, you know, just some Good Mythical Morning.
by Pew_jack_iplier71802 January 28, 2015
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A show sponsored by 2 hilarious, hysterical people. Rhett, and Link. Talk about random stuff like Tacos Vs. Burritos and other good stuff.
Link: Look how neat this burrito is! It doesn't even fall out in an earthqu- *half the burrito falls...*
Rhett: Stares.
People watching: Dying of laughter.. HAHHAHAHAHAHA! Good mythical morning is so cool!
by GMMRocks! November 23, 2014
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A family-friendly web show that launches Monday through Friday on YouTube. The show is hosted by two middle-aged men; Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal.

When the show premiered in January 2012, it was a low-budget show with a relatively small fandom and a one-man-crew (not counting the two men themselves). The episodes were roughly outlined, and nothing was scripted. In the episodes they would have conversations between them about a subject they found interesting. They tended to tell funny, personal stories as well.

As seasons passed, the fandom grew, the crew grew, the budget grew, and the overall quality grew.

Now, the episodes are strictly outlined and somewhat scripted, the personal stories are getting extremely rare. They cover a wide spectrum of episode types. You will normally see experiments, original challenges, taste tests, interesting facts/things and various funny segments.

It is unavoidable to notice that GMM (short for Good Mythical Morning) is getting more and more de-personalized. At the same time as the format brings many new views and subscribers to their channel, many of the long-term fans are unhappy to see this change, they miss the personal stories and the natural, relaxed interaction between the two life-long friends.

The GIF below is from an old episode of GMM. Link (the blackhaired) has another haircut to this day.
Person 1: Hey, do you know any cool facts about fire-ants? I need it for my presentation...
Person 2: No, but if you go to YouTube, I'm pretty sure Good Mythical Morning has an episode on it!
Person 1: Okay, thanks. I'll check it out.
via giphy
by SaraTheMythicalBeast August 14, 2016
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The best show in existence, hosted by two mid-age guys: Rhett And Link who probably just dropped out of college and needed another job
Rhett:"Hey Link, we need jobs lets make a morning show called Good mythical morning and get money" Link:"Sure"
by Homie bean April 09, 2015
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A shitty show made by two somehow-famous dickheads where they talk for 20 minutes which is extremely boring. They don't deserve their fame and it's annoying when people say they're great when all they do is ramble in un-interesting videos
what's good mythical morning? a boring show that people like for some reason
by thatpenguinguy April 08, 2015
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