Oral sex act whereby the recipient's balls are licked or sucked while his penis is being vigorously rubbed by hand
She gives a good snorkel
by RockMink November 9, 2004
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A name for a blow job where the guy lies with his legs open. The giver of the snorkel licks his balls and wanks his dick. Thus looking like a snorkeller!

See also deep sea snorkelling
Suzy's boyfriend found that he had a fantastic orgasm when she snorkelled him.
by Suzydafluzy August 30, 2006
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When a girl is sucking your balls and your dick lays on her face. So it looks like shes using a snorkel. Works better if she looks at you in the face.
Your mom: Gurgle gurgle snorkel
Me: What? I cant understand you, you're underwater.
by Phil Anderer September 29, 2006
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This advanced sexual maneuver begins with two men in a bathtub filled with warm water, preferably around 85 degrees fahrenheit. One of the men dons a mask, snorkel, and swim fins, and manually stimulates the other man's penis with both hands until it ejaculates underwater. He then dips the open end of his snorkel deep below the surface, and sucks up the clouds of liquid before they have time to dissolve, swallowing them whole.
"Oh, and Carlos left a message for you. Something about going snorkeling later."
by Diver Dan April 1, 2008
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Much like a blumpkin (a man receiving a blow job while sitting upon a toilet, passing feces.) A snorkel is when a man has vaginal sex with a female, while she herself is using the toilet, passing feces. The man's penis is submerged below the toilet seat level, with the rest of his body on the outside of the toilet.
Mr. Testy: Hey Timmy, why do you keep scratching your penis?

Timmy: Well Mr. Testy, last night my girlfriend and I were horny, but she had to take a poop, so to save time, I had sex with her while she was pooping. It's called a snorkel sir.

Mr. Testy: Ah, a snorkel, brilliant!
by snorkel inventor December 16, 2011
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Oh My God! I can't believe nobody knows a real snorkel! It's when a girl is giving you a blowjob and when you are about to come you stick your dick deeper down her throat and pinch her nose. Your dick IS the snorkel.
I stuck my dick down Leyla's throat and pinched her nose when i was about to nut and gave her a snorkel.
by SMuOpKE August 31, 2006
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A style of North Face jacket. Usually says Hyvent or 550 on it, or it has an Antarctica patch.
Damn, that snorkel is hot... run that shit!!!
by Ant-eko February 28, 2007
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