For when you don’t want to say retard or you’re too polite to say it
Oh I’m such a retort
by halieisabellarose June 20, 2018
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A common syndrome wherein the speaker often remembers something clever to say about 10 minutes after the conversation has ended
"The boy said 'you git' to the bully, but due to his retort tardiness, later reflected it would have been more accurate to have said 'you misproportioned cankerous cretacean'"
by Words Wired Weird February 04, 2008
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A political website run by a failed web publisher, populated almost exclusively by homebound seniors and pathetic trolls. The regulars argue about the same 5 topics on a daily basis, fleck spittle onto their computer screens, and generally waste their worthless lives.
I haven't argued about abortion in a while, think I'll visit the Drudge Retort.
by corkysfather October 04, 2013
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"So would you prostitute your own dead mother?"
"In response to the Scanlon Debate, he used the Casey Retort. Masterfully played..."
by Mister Four January 16, 2010
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It means retard because retort sounds like retard.

This definition is usually made by people in year 7 whilst learning about scientific equipment.
Guy 1: Dude go A.
Guy 2: Dude sud de fuc up, I'm going b
Guy 1: shush you retort stand, you can't even aim LoL.
Guy 2: Ahaha, got me there XD. Nice one
by Marco5py September 27, 2018
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Refers to the mildly-indignant answer that you snortingly "toss back" at a seemingly-impertinent clueless who naively asks why you don't "just buy your way out" of a moderately-inconvenient/difficult/unpleasant situation, his not being familiar with the enormous financial outlay that said "easy-solution" choice/action would entail.
Two typical/everyday examples of an astronomical-cost retort would be with regards to having a garage come and pick up your presently-non-drivable vehicle instead of having a friend help you tow/push it the few miles to the garage with another vehicle ("Yeah, **sure** I could --- for a nice HUNDRED-BUCKS TOWING-CHARGE!"), or if you presently have to turn your well-pump on and off manually because it's "on its last legs" and so you always have to be "right there and ready" to quickly turn the pump back off to avoid damage if it doesn't immediately start up when you power it on ("Oh, yeah --- new pumps are indeed available --- you got an extra THOUSAND BUCKS OR MORE JUSS LAYIN' AROUND to get one installed??!"). Never fails to shut the impudent inquisitor right up!
by QuacksO October 26, 2018
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1. A social media comment or response, lacking any real substance that is designed to agitate, offend, and incite an argument.
2. The echo produced when while performing cunalingus. The performer screams a word or phrase directly into the vagina. The sound waves entering the vagina reverberate off of the walls of the slut's cavernous womb. The time delay between the scream and the subsequent echo measures the slutiness of the individual.
The Feminist Facebook page was discussing the merits of whether a glass ceiling still exists until John came in and made the Bhavsarian Retort: "Bitches need to shut up, listen, and get their asses back to the kitchen". Then he dropped his mouse pad like a boss and exited the discussion.

John knew his one night stand was a bit loose in the sack, when he screamed hello! into her vagina and he received someone else's Bhavsarian Retort, presumably from the night before, four minutes later.
by Jonny no no May 19, 2021
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