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- verb

1) To reply to, usually in a sharp or retaliatory way; reply in kind to.

2) To return (an accusation, epithet, etc.) upon the person uttering it.

3) To answer (an argument or the like) by another to the contrary.

- noun

4) A severe, incisive, or witty reply, esp. one that counters a first speaker's statement, argument, etc.

5) A glass device used for distillation or dry distillation in chemistry.

6) A furnace used for cremating dead bodies.

7) An industrial pressure cooker.
Andre- Yo, man. I think that bitch I was hittin' last night put the burn on me, man.

Archibald- Perhaps you should refrain, forhtwith, from engaging in intimate relations with your mother. (retort)

Andre- Fuck you, man. (also retort)

blub blub blub (also also retort)

fwooooooosh! (also also also retort)
by Speak and Spell February 27, 2009
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1. A metaphysical wrestler

2. A show on the YouTube channel Balboa Dean

3. Physically Challenged Wrestler
He's so small and weak, he should wrestle in retort.
by Tomme boyd February 05, 2020
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A Retort is when you:
1. Fart
2. Suck your fart back up
3. And Fart again
Luke stop retorting!!
by becty June 04, 2011
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For when you don’t want to say retard or you’re too polite to say it
by Snakenest2500 June 20, 2018
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an insult to use instead of saying retard, a nicer more polite version of the insult

you can also be retorted or referred to as a retort stand as a further comeback
person 1: omg ok retort
person 2: uhh sure you're more retorted
person 1: omg no uuuu retort stand
by yeahwhatever23 May 04, 2019
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