Close to the end, wearing out or on the verge of breaking.
This machine is on its last legs, I'll give it another 2 weeks before it stops working altogether.
by jimboble September 24, 2009
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A British TV show which is overly PC and has a obsession with virtue signalling, it kicks out some lols but in all honesty some of the hosts need to get laid... especially josh widdicombe, not Alex Brooker though... he gets all the poontang.
the last leg... all you need now is another one and you've got a pair
by the one... yes that one February 20, 2017
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Something that is close to (time varies based on one's opinion) or ready to break/die.
Man I love my dog!

Had him since I was 6.....
Poor Bach.....
Taking medicines, just laying there......
He is on his Last Leg now.....
by NidgeDFX March 30, 2012
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