A situation that is considered "restless" also known as a bullshit situation, a stupid situation, etc, etc.

Not an actual word, coined by Dennis Maxwell.
"All this restlessness is so fucking restless, mmmmmmmmm."

"Hey, what's up with all this restlessness guys?"

"What the fuck you talkin 'bout?"


"What the fuck is restlessness? That's not even a word."

by SWWP November 10, 2008
That restless bitch stole ma wheels and done did fall asleep in it!
by Sir Cody Conflict January 2, 2008
A restless urge to be restless.
"Does Ami have restless restless syndrome?"
"Nah, he's just go ADHD and ADD, and drank a bit too much coffee, and snorted a tad of cocaine, and ate sugar spiked sugar cookies, and had a speed-sundae, he'll be fine in a few years."
by Sudonihymn August 11, 2011
Someone who can't stop moving or they will die.
Is that girl on crack? No man, that ho is just tuna restless.
by Rimjobsforeveryone March 16, 2018
A "nonfiction" publication by two graduates from Milton Academy based on some allegedly "legitimate" interviews, phone conversations, IM conversations, etc with graduates of the Class of 2005.

Based on the lives of five characters, three girls and two boys, the authors focus on mostly (if not only) the sexual part of their lives. The authors say that they were inspired by the sex scandal of 2005, and wanted to answer the question of "why?".

The entire book is written badly with false information (although they say that it was all extensively fact-checked) and ridiculous metaphors. Their alleged 'fact-checking' only came from the POVs of the students they interviewed, although they also attempt to place the thoughts of characters whom they had no conversation with (for example, they describe the feelings and thoughts of one the mothers of the characters). Fantastic metaphors such as "Thoughts hung like rainbows" and "she had breasts the size of baby melons" are littered throughout this "literary piece".

Basically, the authors totally breached the trust of the students they interviewed by talking to them about everything (from academics to social life to peer pressures) and only focusing and using parts of the conversations about sex. They contradict themselves all the time when defending their 'work' and try to write it as a 'nonfiction novel' although their writing leaves something to be desired.

We also have no idea whether or not they really were taught at Milton Academy because their writing is absolutely far from the usual standard of work that are produced at this establishment.
"...graduation tents like whipped cream..."
"He loved her eyes, because he liked green eyes."
"...Milton Academy woke up from desolation..."


"Dude, did you read Restless Virgins?"
"No way, I refuse to buy a copy and support their living."
by MA Student 101 October 16, 2007
Restless spirits are characters who are constantly moving. They are the creative ones who rise against social conventions and stride their rocky path of new horizons. They are the singular producers of unheard of movements that flow out of their wanderlust hearts. They are the ones with the loudest voices drowned out by the currents of everyday sounds. They have rainbow smiles, fragmented black by wankers. They are you who craves new people, discovers new countries and feels new laughter. We are restless spirits who strive to connect the limitations of reality with the clouds of our thought abstraction. I am restless.
"We are all unknowingly restless spirits who have an infatuation with the depths of the enchanting other side, wandering backwards through normality to foreign homes..."
by Emily Wanderer February 21, 2016
This disorder is a disorder where certain people(age group it mostly affects are middle schoolers and high schoolers)

Basically this disorder makes you feel as if your thoughts are clogging your brain and you can’t help but be negative. Have you ever thought: ‘My friends hate me’ ‘I’m not pretty enough’ ‘I’ll forever be alone’ ‘everyone hates me’. If so then you might be subjected to RD. do you think no one cares about you,or that you can’t stop thinking about this one negative thought on your mind that just won’t leave you alone. Than you have RD,your mind is basically so restless that it wants to make you miserable by making you think negative. It also can affect sleeping habits,eating habits,and social interactions. It’s like your mind hates you. These thoughts can come out of the blue or maybe because of a recent fight you had with a friend. This disorder can make make you push people away because you want you head to stop or you think that your protecting them from you. You isolate yourself from society and even you family(you won’t wanna be around anyone). It causes your mental stability to go down and make your emotions harder to control. You can have constant headaches and even migraines.
"I think I have Restlessness Disorder."
by Prince_L March 16, 2018