A kind optimistic person who is very smart and happy all the time. They are normally very clumsy and often trip over on absolutely nothing. They are also a person who you can tell everything to and will keep your secrets (if your on their good side).
Ye she sounds like an Ami to me
by A random guy from the internet October 11, 2017
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An Ami is a person that is kind and a loyal friend. They are intelligent, and hardworking, but can be stubborn too. They never give up, and they are very thoughtful people. An Ami is very beautiful and is always smiling
She is a real Ami!
by miligna January 28, 2019
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How Kim Seokjin of BTS says ARMY. (ARMY is the BTS fan base.)
by smokegrass&sledfast May 16, 2020
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A type of marijuana short for 'amnesia'. It gets its name from how strong its effects are.
Oi bruvva give us a draw of ami
by Skengmansam April 16, 2016
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Ami is a hot mysterious cold guy who likes to observe his surroundings, he’s very intelligent and doesn’t really like to speak much
“Ami is so hot hhh @///@“
by CynthiaXvocaloid June 13, 2019
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Ami means a beautiful, kind friend. Usually a terrific musician who aims to make it big.
Have you heard Ami sing yet?
by Unnecessary.cactus March 14, 2017
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Ami's are amazing people they are away's there for you and make great friends, who you know you can depend on. Ami isn't a very common name and the personality of an Ami is very different from others, they are crazier and are a lot more fun than other girls. Ami is one of those people who you can tell them how you feel and they will understand (if you don't like something that they do such as boast or brag they will stop) Ami is beautiful and knows it she has the best/wildest personality in the world. You can always depend on an Ami.
Who's that girl she's beautiful?

Oh that's my best friend Ami she's amazing.
by Idiot in a jumpsuit October 1, 2019
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