1.A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

2.strong longing for or impulse toward wandering
by taurus October 7, 2003
A strong urge or desire to travel.
Claire packed her bags and purchased the plane ticket as a wave of wanderlust overcame her.
by Winifred Sanders August 7, 2013
An uncontrollable and consuming desire or need to travel, or 'get lost' away from the regular routines in life.
My wanderlust has taken over me.
by FreedomsPain December 27, 2016
A word used by pumpkin spiced drinking white girls to declare that they would suck each and every single dick necessary to get away from their hometowns. Usually used in a hashtag, accompanied by a scenic photograph.
Let the wanderlust take me wherever mother nature goes, so long as I can still order a non-fat tall mocha latte with soy milk and caramel drizzle.
by puckyoself February 22, 2016
Very popular hashtag used on Instagram by girls who love to show off in all of their journeys.
#wanderlust #enjoyinglife #travellerslife
by fabrinaserilli February 13, 2016
An uncontrollable desire to immerse yourself in adventure and lose yourself in the world.
It's an incurable disease that consumes your soul and destroys your bank account.
It wasn't the falling elephant, rabies, or broken bones that killed him, it was wanderlust.
by Bearfoot Gypsy March 23, 2017
When you have an explosion of sperm/semen in your ass hole.
He made gave me wanderlust.
by wanderluster69 February 18, 2022