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(adj.) something true; when someone is telling a story that is factual one says NONFICTION.
synonyms: true story
Person A: "Darian your hair be so fly!"
Person B: "Nonfiction."
by J. Tiong December 02, 2009
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A new hip and cool word to replace the slang term "true story."

Shortened slang is "N to da F."
Person 1, "Man, that guy over there is so stupid!"

Person 2, "Non-Fiction!"
by Susarah2 January 11, 2011
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When a person speaks real facts that are not made up, falsified, or fake.

When there is truth to a statement
Ex 1. Person A: You know that girl Michelle, she used that ni**a Mike.

Person B: Yeaa that's non-fiction ni**a!
by mikewellpaid July 28, 2019
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