"about to"
"I'm bouta leave the house now."
by dracoqueen August 21, 2017
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a term to describe the action of doing' something. It is the same as About just much better.... -ty
Wha chu "BOUTA" be doin? wha chu BOUTA do? .. Im BOUTA smoke this here bowl... -Ty
by Ty March 23, 2004
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Tryna bouta


aka: trynabouta, tryna boutta, tryinboutta, trynabotta

Tryna bouta (aka trynboutta) is clearly a combination of "tryna" and "bouta." While being more promising than "tryna," its more casual than "bouta." This word can be used anytime.
"Yo Dom, you tryna bouta hit up this party tonight?"

"O yee I tryna bouta get hammered."

"Tryna bouta get some new shoes this weekend."

"Darn. Im out of dough.. tryna bouta get a job."
by 'stos July 22, 2009
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When you are about to eat food and it looks good as fuck
Broden:This bouta slap man
Riley:i know man
Aiden:jesus fuck this is good
by The BigNig October 9, 2019
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When you are about to shoot yourself in the head with a shotgun
Dude I'm seriously bouta Kurt Cobain i have so much homework due
by What has humanity come to December 8, 2016
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when a person starts to get mad
Boy: bruh, watchu bouta cry for?
Other Boy: Man, i anit bouta cry
Boy: Ok wateva man
by NIIBABY May 16, 2016
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Something you can say to people with glasses if they are annoying you
Kid named krish: hey, your dumb, shame shame shame

You: shut up

Krish: haha shut up hahahahaha shut up

You: you "bouta get glass in your eyes in a minute"
by Yeet.com July 1, 2020
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