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When you feel upset & fell that someone did you dirty. Usually when you feel this way you haven't & don't plan on telling them that you think they were unfair to you in some way.
I'm feeling resentment towards Jason because he didn't get me a Christmas gift but I got him 2 gifts. He said "sorry" & I said "it's all good. It's the thought that counts".
by MaryWilderness December 24, 2015
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When you do something or make a decision based on pleasing somebody else. The important factor is that the direction you took (the action or decision) was taken only to satisfy the other person and not something you would have normally chosen to do. Regret surfaces and you secrectly hold it against that person. You may or may not take it out on them, but it does eat you up inside.
Emily had always dreamed of moving to the city after college, but her boyfriend was dead-set against it. As a result, she never moved there because she wanted to be with him. She's harbored resentment for him ever since.
by Elizabet August 22, 2006
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When you take the poison and expect someone else to die.
By harboring a resentment toward Joe, I was the one bothered by it, not him.
by Kramer November 29, 2004
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when you get a quiet thought or idea. also can mean an expression of something.
In a few instances resentment flashed across my mother face. then she'd get very calm and explain to us boys that dad loved us.
by Gwen December 14, 2003
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