The act of pointing out flaws in a person/work/event. As it turns out, a lot of people tend to handle this quite poorly. Over-inflated ego may have something to do with it.
Critic: Your performance was very impressive! However, there are a couple minor nitpicks I have-
Narcissist: Why don't you fucking do it if you're so goddamn smart, huh!?
Viewer: Oh, whatsamatta with you? Can't take a little criticism?
Critic: No shit.
by Intelligence001 February 14, 2020
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What the majority of the people in the world can't take.
Let's use music as the criticism here:
Criticizer: Personally, I think your vocal range is a bit limited.
Person Who Can't Take Criticism: ppfft stfu u cant do better at all
Criticizer: Does that matter? Since when did pointing out another person's flaws mean you had to be better than that person?
Person Who Can't Take Criticism: always
by Mr.Musec September 5, 2011
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Criticism is the analysis/judgement of the flaws and faults of artistic work.
"Even though the movie was great there were some criticisms I have."
by AllosaurusFragilis December 21, 2018
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Basically a excuse to hate-circlejerk (Fucking with people) other people's stuff and have it fall under an umbrella of said name. Basically bullying with protection by word manipulation.
ThomasDaTank stole some good pics from my pal online Railrodder and reposted onto his favorite Thomas the train Discord, basically saying some nasty and made-up shit about his OC's and how """awful""" they are, even saying "I'm horny for Jessica the cyborg." said character being 16 years old. I tried to report this shit but the mod stated "It's just criticism" which means "Hell no, we allow bullying here."
by The Painful Reality May 13, 2020
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A phrase uttered after one has usually lambasted or insulted someones life or lifestlyle. This is pure sarcasam at its best, and if used properly makes the person feel confused, and unsure of what you just told them. The term always means you are actually being overly critical and are just trying to defuse a small amout of your criticism.
dude 1 : How did you like my new girl?

dude 2 : I knew her in high school she used to be a real slut.

dude 1 : What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

dude 2 : Not to be critical, just sayin.

dude 1 : oh, allright it"s cool.

dude 2 *shakes head in disbelief*
by TV CAR May 3, 2010
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A critic is someone who has no discernible talent so tries to make someone else feel as useless as he/she is.
Critic 'Dude, you SUCK at guitar'
Billy 'Oh, so I guess you're a guitar genius then?'
Critic 'No, I can't play guitar'
by Billy D. Kid June 26, 2006
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