Guy1:"aww that your soo cute i would eat you up"

Guy2: "dude stop trying to bite me you homo"
by GnaOly December 20, 2008
To lick &/or chew your pussy.
Crystal can I eat you up if you don't wanna fuck?
by twiggy June 16, 2006
bob "ohh your so cute i would eat you up"

Joe "dude your eating a dog and talking to it"
by Rawr206 December 18, 2008
It’s when a girl gives a really good Blowjob/bj
You: Have can you give me a BJ
Girl:I’ll eat you up
by F á č k š November 25, 2021
A metaphor that means that something is so cute, well you would eat it up. Really, it’s pretty terrifying. A funny though is just thinking if this goes for every animal when the eat something.
Lion: this youngling is so cute that I would eat you up!
Antelopes: aw thank you, she gets it from her mommy
Lion: *proceeds to maul and brutally kill the baby*
by Hentai-Man, the Bamboozler. October 2, 2020