A Person who buys as much items as he wants, and then sells it for a higher price.
Ted: Hey, why are all the Jordan 7's Gone?

Frank: Bob the douche bag bought as much as he could, and is going to sell it later for twice the cost.

Ted: Why would he do such a thing?

Frank: He claims he is a "Reseller".
by MichaelBangura September 1, 2012
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An absolute lowlife that buys out the stock of a sought after product, then resells the product for twice the MSRP for personal profit. In other words, a job that takes no skill or work.
John: “Why can’t I find dunk lows for a decent price anywhere?”

Jane: “Because of the asshole resellers that buy the entire stock and sell for their benefit and think that’s considered a job
by saucyg July 28, 2021
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A technically incompetant moron who thinks that they know enough to sell web hosting.
that web host is a reseller.
by Zach December 12, 2003
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Buying as many shoes as you can on release day and sell in the next week for as much as possible.
Joe: *Buys 6 pairs of Playoff 8s* *Posts on Facebook that he needs them gone asap.*
Bill: Why did you buy them if you need them gone asap?
Joe: I need money.
Bill: Smh, stop reselling.
by Hypebeast101 November 17, 2013
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Swindled, ripped off, taken advantage of, raped, bent over by a shyster. They'll take you for a poke and won’t bother with a reach around.
I bought this ring and that John really resel’d me.
I went to buy a used car and the sales man tried to resel me. Be careful around that guy he is a resel. Watch your back side around that resel.
by there it is February 10, 2010
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A person who buys hyped clothing such as Supreme, Bape, Jordan’s, Adidas, etc. and resells it for a higher amount of money then resale. These people are called “HYPEBEAST RESELLERS”
Your such a hypebeast reseller matt for buying a $600 sweatshirt from supreme and reselling it for $1000
by hypebeastreseller101 October 17, 2017
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