This usually happens after eating a the $5 meatball marinara sandwich special at the corner dive bar. Once you've realized it was on special, because the sauce already turned toxic, it's too late. Before you can get your pants and underwear to your ankles, the repainting of your bathroom has already begun. As you hit the floor, face first, passing out due to the pain, your ass is turned into a mini Bellagio fountain dancing to "Singing in the Rain"
I'm sorry I didn't mean to remodel your bathroom.
by Drawnats May 21, 2015
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Apparently, the act of "Re-modeling" something. Having to do with construction work.
A man in Maryland is known for being "a contractor and doing remodelation" work. (As seen on the side of his truck)
by Killgasm June 28, 2009
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When Ryan's dad secretly has sex with him on the days that band practice is usually scheduled.
"Hey Ryan, can you practice today?"

"Sorry can't, dad and I are doing some remodeling on my basement." /wink
by Cleverton February 1, 2008
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A term used to describe a man's unlimited efforts to clean/remodel his pad if he thinks he's gonna get laid.
Jim, will you sit the fuck down and watch the game? No way bill, gotta do some cialis remodeling, Amy is coming over after the game.
by crazy edward January 31, 2012
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One who remodels a home that needs to be changed or rebuilt.
AKA: Higher form of a Carpenter
A Home Remodeler is a jack of all construction trades, while Carpenters mostly do rough framing of dog and bird houses. To conclude a Home remodeler is the highest form of a construction worker.
Any one would rather hire a Home Remodeler rather than a carpenter
by Smart guy99 November 7, 2017
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When a emotionally immature rural person destroys his or her own domicile as a means to express just how angry they are.
Bill:Your honor, my old lady done pi$$ed me off so much that I put my fist through the drywall before I shot out the flat screen TV we got down at the Walmart on a payment plan.
Judge:Well Bill, this redneck remodeling of your's is going to cost you 30 days in jail.
by Cha-cho February 12, 2016
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