Originally coined by God when he choke-slammed Satan to what is now known as Hell.

To tell someone to "sit the fuck down" is to rub-in a victory of any proportion.
*Chuck just won a game of poker against some poker champion*

by NarooN November 25, 2009
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The act of forcefully humbling someone who is acting above their position.
*Randy defeats an annoying cocky minecraft player on some obscure server filled with lonely virgins*

by Homeless Chicken September 3, 2017
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When downing a boss or another PvP player in certain games e.g. World of Warcraft this term is best used.
Daocan Killed Artoro "sit the fuck down"
by Danny Francis November 5, 2007
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A derogative phrase use mainly to humiliate someone after having "pwned" them at any particular task.

Often joined with the phrase "Shut the Fuck Up" or abreviated to be "STFD, STFU"
*after finally killing the camping jerkoff on your favorite shooter video game* "Sit the fuck down, asshole."
by TheTrueJoker November 1, 2011
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To tell someone to relax, to chill, to calm down, etc
Emily: dude am I right or do I need to relax?
Dakota: Emily you need to sit the fuck down
by r0b3084093893 March 16, 2017
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