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Graeme is a uncommon Scottish originated boy's name
The meaning of Graeme is "gravel area; gray homestead
Graeme is the name of a man who is a fun-loving nerd, generally associated with a huge male member and is loved by the important people in his life
" I love my boyfriend Graeme ;) <3 xx "
by Cara ;) October 01, 2013
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A Graeme is the most comedic, socially awkward best friend you'll ever have. The only song he's willing to dance to is Vanilla Ice, he hates drama between friends, and is a great advice giver. He doesn't date a lot because he's waiting for the right girl to come along, and he's supportive of his friends' problems. Graeme is very easy to fall for. He's good at soccer and coming up with insane ideas. He's most likely to become a psychologist, a comedian, or a tv talk show host. His sense of humor makes you laugh no matter what, although he uses a lot of big words so sometimes his reasoning behind something is difficult to understand. It's very hard to outsmart a Graeme, but if you manage it, props to you. If you have a Graeme, never let him go, because he's the one to most likely bail you out of jail ten years from now, and figure out a way to not get caught next time. Graeme's take a little while to catch up to you height-wise, and his cheeks are always flushed pink and they make you want to pinch them, he also has eyelashes any girl would kill for. If by any chance you find a Graeme, don't scare him away, let him come to you. The best way to lure a Graeme in is with a sandwich made from the hands of a woman in the kitchen.
Girl 1: Oh hey look, there's a Graeme over there!
Girl 2: No way! Aw I totally wanna be friends with him!
Girl 1: Don't scare him off, you'll never see one again. First make a peace offering.
Girl 2: How do I do that?
Girl 1: Off to the kitchen with you!
by TheJulesTee July 26, 2011
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A queer that overdoses on Adderall
Wow Graeme overdoes on Adderall XaDa
by Jacks2022 February 27, 2019
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Graeme is a hideously deformed gay male with rodent eyes, a huge ass and tiny penis. He is prone to bitchy outburts and tactics especially towards men he cant get. Graeme has the kind of face even a mother wants to smack.
Good grief! What the heck is that?!
Oh thats Graeme.
by th0rns August 16, 2019
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A large green creature not dissimilar to Frankenstein's Creation from the book by Mary Shelley
I need Graeme to take me to Bungee town.
by RedNeckMilkMan June 06, 2018
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A Faggot Ass Rich Kid. Lies about stupid things to look cool. Also thinks hes black even though bleach white
Graeme: Yo Nigga. give me that dank
Kid: Shut Up Graeme
by BritBlasian January 23, 2015
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