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A legal form of prostitution where a female collects money, cars, and other valuable things in exchange for sex.
i gave tiffany a really expensive diamond for the aniversary of our one year relationship last night.

yeah but did you get laid?

you know it!
by AZX3RIC September 21, 2005

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The way an idiot spells college.
If someone's resume says they've gone to colledge I assume they're lying.
by AZX3RIC April 21, 2008

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Similar to the feeling of eating to much Halloween candy, Internet Overload occurs when one spends to much time in front of a web browser reading forum replies, ventures out into the real world, and can temporarily no longer tolerate internet slang terms recited aloud such as: win, epic fail, lawl, omgwtfbbq, etc.

Internet Overload is often cured with the consumption of copious amounts of caffeine and viewing of Family Guy.
If the following phrase makes you want to punch someone you may have Internet Overload...or anger management problems...or you just prefer literacy...or a combination:

"O-M-G, dude! Last night I went to this party and my girlfriend said to meet her in a dark bedroom, so I did. Then after we sexed I turned on the light and found out it was her brother! It was a fail so epic it was almost a win!"
by AZX3RIC June 16, 2009

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The way an idiot spells divorce.
I went to colledge with a guy that got a devorice.

by AZX3RIC April 21, 2008

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