A friend, buddy, pal, comrade, mate, etc…; an abbreviation of the word relative; originally used in mockery of terms like cuz or bro
*Between roommates*

Eduardo- (Enters room) How’s it going man?

Scott- Oh, hey. ‘Sup rel?
by cyc1ops May 7, 2008
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You need some serious Rel to rock a paisley tie.
by kr26 August 12, 2010
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A nickname for the name Ariel. Get it, R.E.L.? No?
Rel, wazzup?
by Noone Importantatall March 13, 2015
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People who are related to you, whether you like it or not.
I hate most of my dad's relatives. they're so mean to me.
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
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Formally known as the Theory of Special Relativity, formulated by Albert Einstein in 1905.

Deals with the perception of time and distance by observers in different frames of reference which are moving with respect to each other. An observer in one frame perceives that time is slower and distances are shorter in a different frame.

Also postulates that the speed of light is perceived to be the same in every frame of reference, and that no form of matter or energy can travel faster than light.
Relativity is the feeling that time slows down that you get when you're around your relatives.
by Loadmaster July 29, 2005
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People whose exsistance you tend to deny in a social gathering.
"Are those your relatives?"
by trip June 25, 2003
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hairy , old people who smell and try to kiss you when ever they come in town. and your parents force u to be nice to tehm and let their gross asses sleep in your bed
by fat in the bacc June 28, 2003
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