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A symbol used excessively on social media platforms. In recent months, hashtags have been verbally used. If you speak in hashtags, you are a hashtagee. Spread the word: STOP USING VERBAL HASHTAGS
Joe: Yo look at that dude over there! He lifts 500!
Bob: Hashtag (#) Lifegoals
Joe: Wow you've gone that low.
by Noone Importantatall June 13, 2015
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an expression used in lieu of "get wrecked." It evokes imagery of the Disney series Shrek. It is used when one makes a mistake or a fool of themselves.
guy 1: ah, these waves are massive, dude!
guy 2: dude, get shreked!
guy 3: stop getting shreked like it's your nine to five, bro!
by Noone Importantatall June 26, 2019
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A nickname for the name Ariel. Get it, R.E.L.? No?
Rel, wazzup?
by Noone Importantatall March 13, 2015
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A place that may as well be heaven in disguise. Warning: Beaches may lead to gorgeous tans, adventures, and fun times.
Lol, all my friends are going skiing this winter, but I'm going to the beach! Jealous yet?
by Noone Importantatall March 12, 2015
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